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Cross and Clouds
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Divine Encounters

Every day God is talking, and the Holy Spirit is forever present. He desires communication with us. Sit down with the Father and let Him commune with you through the pages of this devotional. Allow the Holy Spirit to soothe you. Soak in His words. Experience His peace. Come up higher. Let Him take you into higher realms. He is the Divine, and there is no greater place to be than right in His presence.

The things of the world will grow dim while reading each page and allowing the Holy Spirit to invade your thoughts, your space. He has come to give you life and to give it to you more abundantly.

In these pages, you will find inspiration, comfort, peace, joy, and God's love that embraces you through the words in this devotional. You will smile and be strengthened and find the courage to go on.



Author / Songwriter
My Story

Trudi Mcgee is a contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, and author from northern Alabama. Trudi loves to share her music with people who need it most: those who are struggling with life's deepest questions. In addition to writing songs, she also is a blog writer who strives to encourage and enlighten others.

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