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  • Trudi McGee

A word for today: let God examine your heart to heal and replenish Today

Today, I replenish you. I give you all the love, hugs, kisses, and love you needed but did not get. I am you, father god, and I love you so much; I am not a holder; I love to give to you; I love to see you smile, laugh, dance, hum a song of joy, and thanksgiving. I am the God who heals every pain in your life. Yes, I see the disappointments, the hope deferred;

Today, I will replenish you and give you everything you need. Your heart will be filled to the overflow with every good thing. (smile) .

I am gentle and so close and understand you. You are like me, and I thoroughly understand you. You do not have to beg me for anything; I am so overjoyed when you ask me, and believe me. I am not a witholder, but I am delighted to bless you and see you laugh and dance. I am the Lord, your healer who heals your disease. I am the lover of your soul.

Yes, I see all things; nothing is hidden from me. I see it all, even that little tiny thing. I see it, and it's done. No fear. But love, no anxiety but peace, no lack but abundance, no darkness but light. From now on and for every day and day to come, there will be overflow. Golden oil, sweet-smelling savor. You are surrounding me right now—no rejection but acceptance. You are mine, you are mine, you are mine. I love you, I love you, I love you, I give you peace. I give you life in total abundance. Full of joy and laughter.

You shall be thoroughly satisfied.


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